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    My wife's allowance is very high – Seun Kuti on marriage challenges

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    He says that her allowance is seven figures in a month.

    Nigerian singer Seun Kuti has humorously revealed that his wife’s allowance is the most challenging thing he has to endure in their marriage.

    He stated this during their recent interview on Pulse Fun Facts, where they asked each other a series of questions about his marriage to Yetunde and their relationship. Yetunde asked, “What is the most challenging thing you have endured in our relationship?”

    Seun immediately responded, highlighting how expensive her monthly allowance is and how hard it is for him to put the funds together.

    “Her allowance is very high—seven figures every month,” he said in between laughter. “I’m not joking; her allowance is very high and she has a high taste. That’s challenging because I have to work for the money and it’s not easy. It’s very, very high. I don’t know how we negotiated it; I must have been under duress during negotiations.”

    Seun Kuti and his wife, Yetunde, got married in 2020 [Instagram/BigBirdKuti]
    Seun Kuti and his wife, Yetunde, got married in 2020 [Instagram/BigBirdKuti]

    Yetunde then asked, “Have you had any regrets since we got married?” and in response, Seun stressed that he does not believe in the idea of regrets and therefore has none.

    He asserted, “I don’t do regrets; I don’t regret anything in my life so I cannot regret anything in our marriage. I don’t do regrets; regret is for the weak.”

    The singer then asked Yetunde about things she was grateful for in their marriage and she said, “I’m grateful for him, grateful for our daughter; what else?”

    “What about the sex?” Seun interjected.

    “I’m grateful for the sex as well; I almost forgot that part because I didn’t know that we were supposed to talk about that here,” Yetunde responded, laughing.

    Next, Yetunde asked the singer to disclose what he would change about their marriage if he could, to which he jokingly noted that he would appeal to the ancestors to make her taller.

    Seun said, “I would ask the ancestors to give her more height; the Lord should help her and help me raise her up a bit. Our daughter is almost taller than her and she’s only ten years old. That’s the only thing I think they should change. And oh, her mouth!”

    See the full interview below:

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