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    Mercy Chinwo's producer Dr Roy clarifies calling her out in viral clip

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    He stressed that he was talking about another producer.

    Mercy Chinwo’s music producer Dr Roy has clarified that he did not call her out in a viral clip circulating on social media.

    Dr Roy took to his Instagram story on April 21, 2024, to debunk the claims on the clip, stressing that he was not talking about the singer but another producer called Eezee Tee.

    He began, “I’m not calling out Mercy Chinwo. The person I’m calling out is EezeeTee who owns Easy Concepts. As I talk to you now Mercy and I are suffering the same thing. Imagine, it’s the same person I’m suffering with that is helping me.”

    He also debunked claims that Mercy Chinwo abandoned him when his father was sick. “Mercy helped me when my father had a stroke and also helped me when he died,” he said.

    This comes after the preview of his interview with The Honest Bunch Podcast was released online. In said interview he spoke on his experience working with Chinwo and the producer Eezee Tee, highlighting the rigorous schedule.

    “Mercy Chinwo and I used to sleep at 5 am and wake up at 7 am to start working till 5, back to back. I was hoping that I would be getting millions working on Mercy’s project and I was happy that all my hustle was paying off because of the work I put in,” Dr Roy said in the preview.

    He also emotionally recounted his father’s battle with stroke. “Do you know what it means to put in work in the hopes that everybody in your family will be okay? My father had a stroke so I called Mercy to let her know and asked for assistance and she said I shouldn’t worry and he would be fine,” he said.

    The viral clip promptly raked different reactions from social media users and Dr Roy quickly debunked false narratives.

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