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    Brymo reacts to reports he asked Simi for sex

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    This comes after his confession that he requested for intimacy to ‘create intensity.’

    Nigerian singer Brymo has refuted claims that he asked Simi for sex in exchange for a musical collaboration.

    Speaking with popular media personality, Chude Jideonwo, on the latest episode of the With Chude show, the singer was asked about the controversy surrounding the reports.

    Chude asked, “You came out on Twitter and on TV to say that you wanted to create art with Simi and you asked to sleep with her first…”

    “…I didn’t want to create art with her” Brymo interjected.

    The Ara singer stated that, unlike the reports, Adekunle was the one who came to him for a collaboration first before Simi. He added that it was after he turned down her request that she made the collaborative album with rapper Falz.

    “Adekunle Gold came to me. Those two wanted to get married and then they took a break to hustle separately and then Adekunle Gold came to me and said that we should create an album together and I said no. Simi also came to me and I said no, then suddenly she did an album with Falz,” he said.

    Brymo stated that he was accused of requesting for sexual intimacy, calling Nigerians “sick people.”

    He said, “The reports then came in that Simi and Falz were dating. Simi and Falz? Nobody even knew that Simi and Adekunle Gold had stuff going on during that period. So I came back to gist everyone about what happened then and then they started accusing me of asking Simi for sex in exchange for a collab. Nigerians are sick people! That’s dark.”

    “They came to me first of all, it didn’t happen second of all, then I came tell everyone what happened later. That’s it,” Brymo emphasised.

    Brymos now-deleted tweet from 2023

    Brymo’s recollection of event is contradictory to his confession last year that he used to offer intimacy to female musicians he collaborated with, Simi included.

    His tweet read “Though AG reached out later, I like to think that he didn’t check in again, by will or fate, because I turned down the same request many years before. I also did the same with Simi, saying I wanted to get intimate to create intensity. I didn’t know they were together, of course.”

    After backlash from the public, Adekunle Gold also warned him to steer clear of his wife.

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