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    RHOL star Chioma Goodhair reveals how she became business-oriented

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    At a young age, she said she began making money by taking smalls jobs.

    Real Housewives of Lagos star Chioma Goodhair has opened up about how her money-making drive came to be.

    In a recent sit-down with actress Iyabo Ojo, the businesswoman stated that her drive to make her own money has its roots in her upbringing. Chioma began by clarifying that even though she was raised in a privileged household, her parents ensured that she was not spoiled.

    “I feel like my parents were very intentional about the way we were raised. So even though we had all the great privileges like going to good schools and we were well travelled, they didn’t spoil us. Even though as the last child I was probably spoiled the most, in comparison to some of my family friends on how much pocket money they would get, it wasn’t like that for us.”

    The reality TV star revealed that because of the allowance she was given, she took up a job and that experience instilled a valuable work ethic in her over time. It was from then that her money-making drive began to grow.

    “Our parents would make us fly economy and manage the pocket money so that it’s not too much. It got to the point that I didn’t have to work but I started working in England. Not a proper job, but I would do sales and some random things to get extra money because I wasn’t getting enough money, ” she said.

    Chioma continued, “That basically gave me that entrepreneurial drive that I didn’t even know that I had inherently because I wasn’t spoilt I had to make extra money. So I feel like for someone who was privileged, my parents did right by ensuring that they didn’t hand me everything and anything I wanted.”

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