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    Giving your first salary to your pastor is a waste of time – Kanayo O Kanayo

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    This comes after a pastor went viral in January for saying that people’s first salaries belong to him.

    Nollywood actor Kanayo O. Kanayo is not for giving first salaries to pastors but he would accept a small percentage of it as a father.

    In a new video posted to his Instagram page, the actor bestowed his blessing on his son who just received his first salary. In the presence of his guests in his home, Kanayo stated that only a father can bless his child not a pastor.

    “I want to observe a culture from our ancestors which led to their success, a father’s blessing,” he began, pointing to his son who sat next to him.

    “This is my son who just concluded a film production with us and he has earned his first salary which is ₦50,000. From your pocket give me ₦500 and kneel down for me to bless you.”

    He explained the importance of the practice and the essence of a father’s blessing over a pastor’s. Kanayo emphasised that those going to their religious leaders to receive a blessing on their first salary are “wasting their time.”

    “It is Igbo culture that the first salary of a man be taken to their father. It is so that the father would teach him financial management, and tell him how to manage the money and make it in life and then pronounce his blessing. This is the father’s blessing so all of you who are going to pastors with your salary you’re wasting your time because it is all about culture. Only a father can bless his son or daughter,” the actor emphasised.

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