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    Tems shares what fans should expect from her debut album

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    Tems shares what fans should expect from her debut album.

    In an interview with Apple Music, Tems spoke on her upcoming debut album ‘Born In The Wild’ which she describes as a documentation of her experiences.

    Tems who dropped a new single on April 26, 2024, titled ‘Love Me Jeje’ stated that her debut album will carry the experiences and lessons that shaped her into who she is now.

    ” ‘Born in the Wild’ is actually about my journey. It’s about my experience as me, and about the experiences I’ve had so far. And it really felt like the life I lived before, the life I was accustomed to felt like a wilderness,” she tells Apple Music. “I was raised in Lagos and that’s a part of me, but it’s not really about the place, it’s more about the state of being. It was a wilderness in the environment I lived in and there were so many things that happened and so many lessons I learned to come and be this person now. It is basically coming out of the wilderness. So that’s basically what Born In the Wild is about,” she adds on the elements that shape her debut album.

    Tems narrates she made her single ‘Love Me Jeje’

    Tems further shared that she had to go through a process of healing, self-discovery, and unlearning to make an album that centers around her.

    “I’ve had to step back a bit to make sure or to check in with myself that I’m being true and also just find healing from all the trauma. Everything I experienced before Tems, I think I had to unlearn a lot of things. And this is just a new way of expressing myself while still centering who I am in it.”

    Ahead of the release of her debut album, Tems has released three singles with the latest being ‘Love Me Jeje’ on which she samples Seyi Sodimu’s classic 1997 record of the same title.

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